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Hokura Integration SuiteTM
Toolset for simplified supply chain management

Leading retailers and sourcing partners are adopting new technologies to integrate departments and synchronize the extended enterprise. When vendors, manufacturers, agents and auditors collaborate with retailers from product design through delivery, the result is quicker time to market and improved consumer satisfaction.

The Hokura Integration Suite is a toolset that simplifies supply chain management by providing workflow visibility and process integration among the supply chain partners. The toolset currently includes:

Hokura Synchronization ManagerTM

Hokura Synchronization Manger is a data synchronization application that automatically scans server-side databases for new documents and transfers those documents to client-side systems, ensuring all parties have up-to-date information.

This software solution works nearly instantaneously to synchronize product specification packages and other critical product lifecycle management data that is routinely transferred between trading partners. It saves time by making document downloads unnecessary, and eliminates errors introduced by rekeying or using outdated data.

The Hokura Synchronization Manager works in conjunction with Gerber Technology’s web-based WebPDM software.

Hokura QA ManagerTM

Hokura QA Manager is a workflow management application that automates the quality assurance process. By giving all parties visibility into the QA workflow, it enables retailers and sourcing partners to more effectively manage QA inspections, testing and certifications.

Hokura QA Manager gives authorized parties 24/7 access to QA documents, action items and status reports from anywhere in the world. Each step in the workflow can be reviewed and approved to ensure corrective action plans are executed and quality standards are achieved.

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