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Learn how Hokura helped the Mervyns department store chain after its break from Target, when the retailer replaced all its operating systems in 18 months. The Apparel Magazine April 2008 cover story, “Mervyns Tackles Opportunity,” reveals how Mervyns’ product design and development team successfully implemented a full suite of integrated, web-based systems that promote vendor collaboration. Read story

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Product Data Catalog Integration Enables Nearly Instantaneous Item Setup and Approval


Domestic vendors use the 832 catalog service to publish product data in a central location. This allows them to avoid going through the item setup process for every retailer. To make the item setup process more flexible and buyer-driven, a major retail department store chain decided to utilize the 832 catalog service from Inovis.

The challenge was to leverage the benefits of both the catalog and the in-house item setup system. The objective was to provide the merchandising team with a solution that facilitates the seamless setup of an item from the catalog, and flows that data into the merchandise order system.


The Hokura team designed, developed and implemented a customized product catalog to enable domestic products to be retrieved from a third-party catalog and set up in the retailer’s item setup system. The web-based solution enabled integration with the website hosted by a third party.

The product catalog enables the merchandising team to have a single sign-on and download data from the Inovis website. The data flows through an MQ channel and is available for completion of item setup.


Implementing the customized product catalog provided nearly instantaneous levels of service on item setup and approval.

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